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Detail view of pastel by Russian artist Katya Gridneva.

Rework of an existing collection

Ten years ago I worked with a major London land-owning couple who were on a mission to buy art for their home. In order to understand and develop their own tastes, my work with them involved guided trips to the Tate galleries and arranging visits to galleries within and outside London. The result was acquisition of around 15 works of art by artists such as George Clausen RA RWS, C.R.W. Nevinson ARA, Lucie Cousturier, Peter Samuelson and PJ Crook MBE RWA. In December 2016 the couple called on me again because they were moving home and wanted to rework the collection to complement the new interior and acquire further works. I worked closely with them to suggest where each piece could be placed in the new house, as well as liaising with their interior designer to ensure that lighting and layouts worked well too. This time, they wanted a more Modern scheme so I sourced new contemporary paintings as well as a gem by Henry Moore. The clients were delighted with the results and I was so happy to work with them again.