Frank Auerbach, Morning – Mornington Place, 1971-1972.

Impressionist and Modern paintings collection

When we first start working with a client, they often have works of art that they have purchased previously. A significant part of our working relationship is to establish which works are still relevant and significant to the client and which are not.

When we started working with one couple in Cheshire four years ago, this was an important part of the process, since they had more than 100 pieces of mainly Impressionist/Modern art in their home that they had collected over many years but only enjoyed around 70% of them. We worked closely with them to understand their taste, their interests and clarify a sense of direction in their art purchases. We also did a thorough assessment of the work they already owned and liked, and looked out how it could be best displayed and organised within their home.

The result is as personal a collection as it always was. However, we have focused new purchases on paintings and sculpture that more accurately reflect the personalities of this gregarious, society couple and that give them great joy in their home. The addition of important works by artists such as Kees Van Dongen, Pablo Picasso and Maurice Utrillo, amongst others, have also served to provide a strong backbone to the collection. We continue to accompany them on all art fair, gallery and auction house visits and provide a complete service from brokering purchases through to framing and organising all the logistics and contract considerations with lending to museums.

Frank Auerbach, Morning – Mornington Place, 1971-1972