Fiona Rae, ‘Present party for you’, 2012.

Leeds Art Gallery

Recently, we managed the process of placing a major contemporary piece of art with Leeds Art Gallery. Our client’s act of kindness has generated the following account from the museum’s curator, Nigel Walsh:

I wanted to tell you about this amazing thing we did the other week when we took the [painting] into a primary school in east Leeds (in one of Leeds’s most socially deprived areas) for the day. It’s part of a project our Learning Section runs called ‘Take One Picture’, originated by the National Gallery, where a school focuses on just one work of art and uses it to purpose learning on all aspects of the curriculum – not just art but maths, English, everything. Some of the kids didn’t know what they were being brought into the room to see and the gasps of astonishment were audible. Each group then spent about 15 minutes exploring the painting and talking about what they saw and felt about it, and then, when they got back from half-term they were going to be working around it for a whole week of learning. It was quite an experience – quite difficult logistically (safeguarding, insurance etc., though the kids showed it total respect…) – but do-able, obviously, and we look forward to hearing about some of the learning outcomes. It was the school’s choice to select that painting and it was great to extend [your client]’s benevolence to the Gallery outwards into the community.”