Howard Hodgkin, In Tangier (detail view), 1987-1990.

Pricing and Valuations

In founding Fine Art Source, my intention was always to provide an exceptional art consultancy service for private clients. Since then, we have taken pride in our ability to demystify the art market for private families and individuals. Given my background in economics, I have always found the art market in terms of pricing and valuations a very interesting area of expertise. Whenever I work on a secondary market purchase (art that has been sold before) with a client, I study years of past sales data, in order to assist me in understanding the market and prices for that artist/subject/era. In the case of the primary market (art that has not been sold before), I speak at length with galleryists and other collectors to understand the market for an artist. Past sales prices printed on a page can only ever tell a small part of the story; however, we analyse this sort of data within wider art history and research on the artist in order to make a 360 degree view.

Buying art should always be a purchase of passion, but we also provide our clients with the opportunity to take a rational view.

Elizabeth Frink, Dog, 1991.