Barbara Hepworth, 1965, Unofficial photo.

Hepworth St Ives

Cobra is frequently remembered as a style of Northern European painting—merging figuration and abstraction—that emerged in the traumatic wake of World War II. In an American academic context, Cobra’s importance is often measured through the narrow filter of their eponymous journal, which featured the writings of Constant, Asger Jorn, Christian Dotremont, and other members. The exhibition seeks to rectify these reductive understandings of the movement in the United States by exposing a layered and multi-tentacled avant-garde movement, spanning three decades and many more countries than just Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

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A visit to St Ives on a wet and blustery day produced some fantastic impressions of life for Barbara Hepworth at her studio there.

Barbara Hepworth, Two Heads, 1956, Marble.  Unofficial photo.